Herbal Ecbolic & Uterine Tonic With Galactogogues & Antistress Herbs.

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Composition: Each 10 ml. contains Approx liquid Extract
Abroma Augasta                      8 mg
Moringa oleifera                      20 mg
Gloriosa Superba                    18mg
Adhatoda Vasica                     17mg
Ruta Graveolens                     15 mg
Peganum Harmala                 15 mg
Cyperus rotundus                  15 mg



Recommended For :
Easy & timely expulsion of placenta
Timely involution of the uterus
Optimum milk production after parturition
recovery from parturition stress

Dosage & Administration: 200 ml twice (Morning & Evening on the Ist day follow
by 100ml daily for 5-6 days or as advised by the veterinarian

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